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Your Adjustable Backpack Rain Cover

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Oh the rain..!!

Is there anything worse than crossing a rainy day and get all wet...? Sadly there is! the worse thing is to cross a rainy day and all your belongings end up wet! We hate when that happens so that's why we're offering this simple but extraordinary waterproof backpack cover.

It's not just waterproof but also, sun-resistant, heatproof and dustproof. As you can see in the images you can fill it up whole that the water won't leak out! It is also very light and you can pocket folded it. Your Adjustable Backpack Rain Cover, makes it very easy to carry wherever you want to. It is perfect for outdoor activities such as camping but it is also useful for traveling, riding, climbing, cycling or any other activity that you could have in mind.

It is a cover made up of nylon and has a capacity either 35L or 45L depends on the model.

UPDATE: Due to the huge increase in social media attention, we're running extremely low on these, so hurry and order yours before they are all gone.

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